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Read feedback from Jakub Jecminek´s customers and collectors:



All were so taken with the painting that I ordered another by Jakub Jecminek and will probably order even more..

(A.H., New York, USA) Mar. 2018

Buying an original and unique piece of art and not just the same reproduction of old masters that lots of people have in their homes, is a fascinating experience. You have to carefully choose something that is going to be of real value for you, probably for the rest of your live. Its going to inspire you, encourages new thoughts, makes you question things, makes you feel proud.

Sometimes it’s the living space back home that kind of forces you to look for an additional piece to be added. When you feel something is missing or a particular area just feels empty. Sometimes it’s a piece of art that catches your attention and you immediately start redecorating in your head (making space for something new, removing something old, that always felt kind of odd). Sometimes you are reaching out for something unknown due to an unconscious drive for a new inspiration.

All the same, when you found a piece and you know that’s it, that’s it!

Having something original and unique at home, means that you care for art, for talent.

In a time of mass-reproduction and totally free accessibility to all sorts of art and media it is more important than ever to cherish gifted people that start on a completely new path, leaving everything behind (job security and that sort of thing) to follow their trail of inspiration and imagination.

We are more than happy, to not only own an extraordinary image from Jakub now (which is a stumbling composition of colours and form, accomplished with a unique technique and just turned up to be the centerpiece in our living room we have hoped for. greeting you every time you enter the room, changing everyday depending on your mood), but to know the person behind and to be able to value the person for his gift.

Thank you!

(André Kellerberg, Horni Bludovice, Czech Rep.) Jan. 2018



“Amazing gifted artist, great colors, timeless compositions! I can only recommend! And thank you for the great work and your talent!”

(M.N., Prague, Czech R.) Oct. 2017

“I recommend. Interesting paintings to the interior, nice color matching, it revives living space. This artist manages the colors perfectly, the paintings work well in the office also – tried out. Very fast delivery and paintings are really very interesting, Thank you.”

(Z.Z., Plzen, Czech R.) Aug. 2017